A couple who invested $5,000 in Inter-Sea Fisheries Inc. — a company planning a $1.8 billion tuna fishing operation — yesterday filed suit alleging fraud and asking for $50,000 in damages and their original investment.

Marc D. Adelman, 29, received SDTLA’s November “Trial Lawyer of the Month” award for his finesse in handling the fraud case of Westco Climate Engineering, Inc. vs. Paul Metevier.

SAN DIEGO DAILY TRANSCRIPT So you don’t like to fly? Unfortunately, transplanted families, the beck and call of employment, and the time restraints require many of us to travel by air on a regular basis.

It is interesting to me to observe the many different legal issues that our office encounters on a daily basis. Often times those issues involve complaints from attorneys, more often however, those complaints come from the public about our judicial system.

An attorney involved in a 2-year-old battle over the estate of a San Diego woman has been ordered to pay $63,799 in sanctions to two charities mentioned as beneficiaries.

Jim Stiven looks forward to his ride home — no problem getting out of downtown, no stop-and-go traffic along the way, no crawl through “The Merge” at I-5 and 805 south of DelMar. When he leaves the Edward J. Schwartz Building at Front and Broadway in the late afternoon, the U.S. magistrate judge walks a…

San Diego Sole Practitioner and Past SDCBA President Marc Adelman Quietly Ascends to the Highest Bar Post in California

San Diego Attorney Marc Adelman was sworn in Saturday, September 13 as president of the State Bar of California at its annual meeting held at the San Diego Convention Center downtown.

Pleads for legislation and for attorneys to pay dues. When San Diego attorney Marc Adelman became president of the state bar this fall, he expected to play a variety of roles: spokesperson, advocate and even peacemaker to an often contentious organization of 128,000 practicing lawyers.

As the year draws to a close, it’s time for what will hopefully become an annual tradition: the Law Brief’s “Gutsiest Attorneys of 1998” awards.